Nagano Marathon Training Update (Week 5 of 7)

Completed the first week of a three week taper.  Kept the intensity of each run, but reduced the mileage about 25% from my peak training week.  I plan to reduce the mileage another 25% this week.  All my runs this week went according to plan, although not sure if the body is recovering well, been a bit of an off week in terms of my sleep this week, which is key component for recovery.  Need to improve in this are over the next two weeks.

My diet has been okay, keeping to my 80% healthy / 20% eat whatever you like philosophy.  The only condition is that I try and not over indulge and eat too much.  My weight came down a bit – from 144.4 lbs to 144.0 lbs – still within my 140 – 145 lbs racing weight range.  May need to be a little more cautious on my calories over the next two weeks if I want to stay within 145 lbs.

This week I will begin my second week taper and plan to cut total mileage about 50% from my peak week.  On Tuesday I’ll do 5 x 1000ss on the treadmill (5 x 1000s @ 5:50 pace, 400m recovery jog between intervals), a 6 mile tempo run (sub 7-minutes) on Thursday, and marathon pace 10 mile run on Sunday.  I’ll do two 60-minute easy sessions on the spin bike on Monday and Friday and strength training/yoga on Wednesday and Saturday.

Detailed recap of my workouts this week.

3/26, Monday – Strength Training (weights) and Spin Bike (60 minutes, 95 RPMs, 500 calories burned)

3/27, Tuesday (Intervals, 8 x 800s, Treadmill, 2% incline, 7 miles) – 8 x 800s in 2:51 each (5:42/mile pace), 90 second rest jog between intervals. Decent run, first couple were tough, but got easier as the workout progressed. Got 8 hours sleep last night. No significant pains. Ran in Newtons.

3/28, Wednesday – Kettlebell Strength Training and Yoga (60 minutes)

3/29, Thursday (Tempo Run, 8 miles, 6:52/mile pace) – Legs were flat today, couldn’t push the pace. Got about 7.5 hours sleep last night. 45 degrees, windy (17 mph NNW wind), 43% humidity. No pains. Ran in Newton Distances.

3/30, Friday – Spin Bike (60 minutes, 95 RPMs, 500 calories burned)

3/31, Saturday – Kettlebell Strength Training and Yoga (60 minutes)

4/1, Sunday – (Long Run, 13 miles, average pace 6:57) – Good run today. Excellent running weather, 50 degrees, sunny, ESE 10 mph wind, 43% humidity. No pains. 6 hours sleep. Ran in Newton Distances.

Total Running Miles – 28 miles (week’s goal – 30 miles)

Cross-Training – Two 60 minute sessions on spin bike Monday and Friday

Kettlebell Strength/Yoga – 2 hours


Week 1 – 143.5 lbs (65.1 kg)

Week 2 – 145.3 lbs (65.9 kg)

Week 3 – 142.4 lbs (64.6 kg)

Week 4 – 144.4 lbs (65.5 kg)

Week 5 – 144.0 lbs (65.3 kg)

Week 1 – Nagano Marathon Training Update

Week 2 – Nagano Marathon Training Update

Week 3 – Nagano Marathon Training Update

Week 4 – Nagano Marathon Training Update

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5 Responses to Nagano Marathon Training Update (Week 5 of 7)

  1. hayyau says:

    Hi RI,

    Nice going! Good luck with the rest of your taper!

    I have a 5.3km relay race in 6 weeks.
    I’ve thought about focusing on intervals but any other tips?


    • Hi Hay,

      Thanks for the comment. In addition to intervals I would recommend a tempo run once a week, preferably with at least a day or two rest between your interval run. I normally do my intervals on Tuesdays and my tempo run on Thursday or Friday. This will improve your endurance and raise your lactate threshold. The duration should be between 20 to 45 minutes at tempo pace. As you get close to your race, you may want to keep your tempo run at the shorter duration. Tempo pace should be comfortably hard – 15 to 45 seconds slower than your 5K pace. In addition, I’m assuming you do a long run on the weekends?

      Good luck with your training!

      • hayyau says:

        Hi RI,

        Thanks for the advice; I’ll pay attention to the tempo runs.

        Unfortunately, since the Tokyo marathon I haven’t been able to do long runs due to continuing IT band problems….

        I pretty much rested the whole month of March, but even with running tights, knee supports, foam roller etc… it’s hard to shake off!

        Good luck with the Nagano marathon, I’m looking forwards to your post!

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