Nagano Marathon Training Update (Week 6 of 7)

Wrapped up my second taper week in uneventful fashion.  It was a rather busy week at work for me so I had to adjust my plans slightly to make sure I at least got my key run workouts in.  I ran intervals (5 x 1000s) on Tuesday, a tempo run on Friday (5 miles), and long run on Sunday (11 miles).  I was only able to get one cycling session in on Monday and two strength/yoga sessions in on Wednesday and Saturday.  I took Thursday completely off.

Although physically I’m putting in the training, I have not really been engaged mentally for the upcoming marathon.  A combination being busy at work, racing fatigue (this is the 4th marathon in 6 months), and having my mind focused in other areas has kept me from putting too much thought into this marathon.  Also, the fact that I was able to achieve a BQ qualifying time running the Tokyo Marathon may be contributing to the lack of focus.  But who knows, not being so obsessed may end up being a good thing as long as I’m motivated and focused come race day.  Physically I believe I’m capable of running a sub 3:10 marathon.

I went back and read my blog post on the second week of the taper in preparation to the Tokyo Marathon and amazingly this week was in close alignment of how I felt then.  I had two relatively flat runs this week, just like I did as I was preparing for Tokyo.  Overall, the body is feeling okay, no significant pains, although my sleep was erratic during the week due to work.  It will be important that I sleep consistently well this week.

There were no major changes in my diet this week, but because of the reduced activity, I gained 1 pound – from 144.0 lbs to 145.1 lbs.  This is a little above my racing weight target, but nothing I’m overly concerned about.

This upcoming week will be a minimal mileage.  On Tuesday I’ll do 6 x 400s on the treadmill (6 x 400s @ 1:24, 400m recovery jog between intervals), a 5 mile marathon pace run (7:10/mile) on Thursday, a very easy 3 mile run on Friday, then the big race on Sunday.  I’ll also do a 50-minute easy sessions on the spin bike on Monday and yoga sessions on Wednesday and Saturday.

Detailed recap of my workouts this week.

4/2, Monday – Spin Bike (60 minutes, 90 RPMs, 500 calories burned)

4/3, Tuesday (Intervals, 5 x 1000s, Treadmill, 2% incline, 6 miles) – 5 x 1000s in 3:37 (5:49/mile pace), 400m easy jog between intervals. Felt okay during run, got easier as the run progressed. 7.5 hours sleep. No pains. Ran in Newton Distance.

4/4, Wednesday – Kettlebell Strength Training and Yoga (60 minutes)

4/5, Thursday – Off

4/6, Friday (Tempo Run, 6 miles, 6:55/mile pace) – Foggy this morning, 48 degrees, 82% humidity, E 9 mph wind. Felt tired today, haven’t been getting much sleep this week due to work. No pains, ran in Newton distance, got 7 hours sleep.

4/7, Saturday – Kettlebell Strength Training and Yoga (60 minutes)

4/8, Sunday – (Long Run, 11 miles, average pace 7:04) – Okay run, little flat, but it was cold out. 43 degrees, 36% humidity, N 10 mph wind. Ran little faster than marathon pace. Got 8 hours sleep. Ran in Newton Distances. No significant pains.

Total Running Miles – 23 miles (week’s goal – 22 miles)

Cross-Training – One 60 minute sessions on spin bike Monday

Kettlebell Strength/Yoga – 2 hours


Week 1 – 143.5 lbs (65.1 kg)

Week 2 – 145.3 lbs (65.9 kg)

Week 3 – 142.4 lbs (64.6 kg)

Week 4 – 144.4 lbs (65.5 kg)

Week 5 – 144.0 lbs (65.3 kg)

Week 6 – 145.1 lbs (65.8 kg)

Week 1 – Nagano Marathon Training Update

Week 2 – Nagano Marathon Training Update

Week 3 – Nagano Marathon Training Update

Week 4 – Nagano Marathon Training Update

Week 5 – Nagano Marathon Training Update


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I’m in my mid-40s and have been running for about 19 years. I have finished 24 marathons with a personal best time of 3:04. I currently reside in San Diego, CA. I enjoy running since it keeps you honest and will give back what you put into it. Work hard, but smart, and good results will eventually follow. I like to experiment with training plans, gadgets, shoes, and nutrition to find what works for me. The primary purpose of this blog is to document my training and thoughts about running in my ongoing quest to improve my fitness and health.
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