San Diego Bound!

I’ll be heading to San Diego for a new job at the end of July.  After living in Japan for 12 years, it is with a heavy heart that I leave this beautiful country.  But it was eventually bound to happen and I’ll always treasure my time here and the wonderful friends I have made.  Japan will always be my second home and hope to someday have the opportunity to live here again.

Having said that, I’m really looking forward to moving to America’s Finest City — San Diego.  As a runner, I can’t think of a better city to move to.  Although San Francisco was rated as the best running city by Runner’s World magazine a few years back, San Diego was runner up and arguably should have been #1 based upon the Runner’s World online poll.  With great weather year round and lots of parkland, it is certainly a city where there is very little excuse to not be active.  I’m thinking of joining the San Diego Track Club, which should help bring my running up a notch.

It is funny that I’ll be moving to San Diego since it is the sister city of Yokohama, the city I currently live in.  When I first moved to Japan, I lived in Yokosuka, which was the sister city of Corpus Christi, Texas, where I lived prior to moving to Japan.  It is quite a coincidence, I wonder what the odds are?  Is this part of my destiny?  Reminds me of a Steve Jobs quote at Stanford’s commencement address in 2005:

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well worn path; and that will make all the difference.”

So it looks like I’ll be running a fall marathon someplace in Southern California.  I’m looking at the City of Santa Clarita Marathon, Santa Barbara International Marathon, or Malibu International Marathon.  Not used to having so many choices.

In terms of training, I’m continuing my progress to ramp up my miles.  However, last week was a bad week for me and was only able to run 24 miles.  After three weeks of 40+ miles, I started to get a chronic pain on the tendon behind my right knee.  So I decided to take a few days off from running, which seems to have been a smart move since I no longer have any pain.  Then I got back to a routine, when last Sunday early into my long run, I took a nasty fall, scrapped up my right arm and knee and pummeled my right shoulder into a concrete post.  Luckily, nothing broken, other than my ego, but needless to say I cut that run short.  I redeemed myself this week by running 45 miles and felt great on every run.  So I guess the reduced mileage last week was a blessing in disguise.  Still not up to my goal of sustaining 50 mile weeks, but I’m in no rush.

I finally finished the book Advanced Marathoning and was pretty impressed with the theories and science behind it.  I’ll write a review of it at some point, but the most I got out of it was that I need to run more miles if I want to bring my running to another level.  Running faster intervals or tempos may help to a certain point, but I probably shouldn’t expect to see any drastic improvement in my marathon times if I don’t put in more miles.  I also came to the conclusion that I’ve been running my long runs too fast, so will be dialing that back when I create my new training plan.


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6 Responses to San Diego Bound!

  1. Jamie says:

    Wow, uprooting is never easy. I’d miss Japan too if I were you. Good luck with your new posting and running.

  2. hayyau says:

    All the best! I look forward to your posts from the US, God Bless!

  3. Ted says:

    Best of luck back in the US of A. 12 years is a long time. I have been here back and forth since college but still less that 12 years total. That is a lot.
    I’ll be holding down the fort in Japan for a while – am hoping to put in a serious PR at Nagano Full next year which I remember from one of your prior posts you liked (it is for sure a good race all around), as it is a good race/course to PR at.

    • Thanks, Ted. Hope to be back some day, life has been good here. However, plan to run future marathons in Japan, still a lot of races I haven’t run. JAL will have a direct flight between Tokyo and San Diego starting in December, so it is a short 10 or 11 hour flight away.

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