First Mountain Biking Experience

Decided to skip my easy run this morning and experience my first real mountain biking ride.  Initially, after dropping down and climbing up a couple steep hills – and worried that my fillings in my teeth may actually fall out riding on the rough terrain – I was wondering if this was not going to be the for me.  But after about 30 minutes into the ride, I started to loosen up and was began to have a blast.  Being new to mountain biking, everything was fresh and it was just great being outdoors.  I told my buddy that “We really need to include more of things like this into our lives, just living in the moment and having a great time with friends.”  Although there were plenty of leisurely portions of the ride to just roll along, take in the view, and talk, there was a new thrill around each bend to be experienced.  Definitely a memorable day and can’t wait to get out there again.

I was planning to do a six mile easy run this morning, but I developed blisters from yesterday’s run that I wanted to give some time to heal.  So I’ll probably do an easy run on Wednesday instead, which is usually my day off from running.

Awesome view at the top of one of the hills toward the end of our ride.

Although the two-hour bike ride this morning was somewhat challenging, it doesn’t appear it will interfere with my running.  Although I was winded at times, you usually use different muscle groups when biking and after today’s ride, I honestly didn’t feel all that tired.  But we’ll see what tomorrow morning brings when I wake up and attempt to do my speed workout.  During this training cycle, I hope to get out and do a ride once or twice a week.

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