Week 4 of 14 Training Update – Carlsbad Marathon

Posting this update a few days late, just been pretty busy with other matters.  Last week was an interesting week of training as I substituted one of my easy runs with a two hour mountain bike ride as well as having to shift my training schedule around a bit due to one of my dogs being hospitalized for a couple days due to severe seizures – she is doing fine now.  Although it was a productive week of training, I didn’t train to the original plan.  But I found over a number of training cycles in the past, you just need to be consistent and not fret if you have to make adjustments to your training schedule.  The key is to just try to get back to it the routine as soon as possible.  One thing you want to try to avoid is making up mileage if you miss a workout or two, that significantly increases your risk of injury.  Missing a day of training here or there won’t set you back as long as the lapse isn’t too long.

I’m certainly feeling the “cumulative fatigue” building up each week, but I seem to bounce back each day to perform the scheduled workout.  However, the speed work seems to be more challenging than what I’ve experienced in the past and I’m not running the intervals or tempo as fast as I normally do.  Part of it may be to not doing much speed work over the summer and it may just take some time to get my leg speed back.

I’ve been running in Merrell Mix Master 2 shoes for about a month, but had to switch back to my Nike Frees for the time being.  I bought these shoes because I run on both pavement and trails and these shoes were made for running on multiple surfaces.  Although I liked the shoes, I was developing some nasty blisters on the bottom of my big toe.  Plan to buy a pair of Newtons soon as I had a lot of success with them in the past.

I normally run in the early morning, the earlier the better.  Late last week due to having to change my routine, I ran a couple days in the evening.  Not sure if my body is just conditioned for running in the morning now, but did not enjoy the evening running as much and it felt like more of an effort.  So unless I have no choice, I think I’ll stick with the morning running.

I continue to be deficient with my core strength training and stretching.  Not sure what it is, but I’m just totally unmotivated to do any of the little things I know I need to be doing.  It is easy to use the excuse of lack of time, but that’s not really the case – I know I need to work some of this in each week.  Fortunately, I have not experienced any injuries with the increased mileage, just a few small aches and pains that tend to come and go.

I ran a total of 42 miles last week plus 14 miles of mountain biking.  Below is a summary of each run.

Monday – Skipped the 6 miles easy run and went on a 14-mile mountain bike ride instead.

Tuesday – Speed work, 3 x 1600s, with 400m recovery jog between intervals.

Wednesday – Easy 6 mile run (average pace 9:24).

Thursday – Took off, dog in hospital.

Friday – Tempo Run, 9 miles, 7 miles at tempo pace (7:13 ~ 7:30 per mile) – Ran tempos on hilly terrain, thus the wide range in tempo pace.  Also, ran in the evening rather than the morning.

Saturday – 10 easy miles (8:44 average pace)

Sunday – 10 easy miles (8:43 average pace)

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2 Responses to Week 4 of 14 Training Update – Carlsbad Marathon

  1. Kim says:

    This blog is fantastic!! I’m based in San Diego too, and was looking for some other runner’s experience with the Hanson’s Marathon Method. I’m trying to use it to prepare for the San Diego Rock n Roll marathon. I can’t wait to see the results!! Keep it up!

    • Thanks for the comment. It is going to be interesting to see how the Hansons method works out.

      Good luck with your training for the RNR marathon. I’m also planning to run the RNR marathon, but will probably run it for fun with no time goal.

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