Week 5 of 14 Training Update – Carlsbad Marathon

Wrapped my 5th week of training and things seem to be falling in place and feel I’m finally getting some of my lost fitness back.  Although I’m still not where I was 6 months ago, every week I seem to be getting a little stronger and faster.  If things continue to progress, I should be in a position to run around a 3:15 marathon in late-January.

Although I’m running significantly more miles, I’m surprised at how well I’m holding up.  The “cumulative fatigue” I’ve been complaining about over the past few weeks seems to have subsided, I don’t feel I’m dragging as much as I was earlier in the training cycle.  No major aches or pains to speak of, other than a couple blisters due to some new shoes.  I received my Newton Distance shoes in the mail yesterday, just in time to run my 15 mile long run this morning.  I’ve had some success in these shoes, but unfortunately, the shoes will be discontinued in the near future.  Hopefully, Newton Running has something just as good to replace them.

For cross-training, I’ve incorporated some mountain biking rides.  This week I went out for two 2-hour rides about an hour after my runs on Thursday and Saturday.  I was a bit worried that the bike rides would be too much, but they are complementing my running nicely.  I guess you really do use different muscle groups because my long run this morning was almost too easy, even after running an easy 8 miles followed by a 2-hour mountain bike ride yesterday.  The long run also may have felt easy because it was on very flat terrain and I’ve been accustomed to running lots of hills as of late.

Did a little stretching this week, but totally blew off my core strength training.  Hopefully, the mountain biking is helping a bit in this area.  But I am eating well (~ 80% vegan diet) and sleeping 8 hours a night.  I haven’t taken any supplements during this training cycle and even on my long runs, I don’t even drink water.  Since under the Hansons’ marathon plan the longest long run is 16 miles at a moderate pace, I can comfortably run without taking in any fluids.

One of the great things about living in San Diego is that I can consistently train outdoors since the weather is pretty much ideal year round.  Also there are so many nice running trails and long stretches of road where you are not having to constantly stop due to traffic.  Every morning is a nice cool and crisp 50 – 60 degrees with little to no wind.  When I was living in Japan, the weather was much more dynamic and it rained often and there were only a few areas where I could run with abandon.

I ran a total of 56 miles this week plus two 2-hour mountain bike rides.  Below is a summary of each run.

Monday – EZ 8 miles.

Tuesday – Speed work, 6 x 1,000s, with 400m recovery jog between intervals.  Was suppose to run 800s, but incorrectly programmed my watch.  Not a great session, really struggled with the last couple intervals.

Wednesday – Off, 20 minutes of yoga stretching.

Thursday – Tempo Run, 8 miles (7:14 ~ 7:28/mile pace).  Ran tempo on hilly terrain, thus wide range in in pace.  After tempo run, went on a 2 hour mountain bike ride.

Friday – EZ 7 miles.

Saturday – EZ 8 miles, followed by 2 hour mountain bike ride.

Sunday – Long Run 15 miles (8:15 average pace)

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