Week 6 of 14 Training Update for the Carlsbad Marathon

Had another productive week of training.  Legs felt great all week and growing ever more confident that I’ll be in 3:15 marathon shape by late-January.  The “cumulative fatigue” that Hansons Marathon Method suggests will take root seems to be dissipating rather than lingering each week.  Hopefully, I’ll continue to feel as good as I do over the ensuing few weeks when I’ll start hitting 60 mile weeks.

I’ve been breaking in a new pair Newton Distance shoes and they have been great.  I’ll probably continue to run in Newton shoes at least until the Boston Marathon.  Not sure why I continue to experiment with other shoes, but I continue to come back to the Newton brand, they seem to work for me.

Didn’t get in any mountain biking this week, although I did do a couple sessions of yoga and core strength training.  I’m hoping I’ll get in at least one ride this upcoming week.

Been eating pretty healthy, probably about 90% vegan.  I’d eventually like to get to 100%, but I don’t think I’ll ever get there, just too many interesting foods and social functions out there to be totally vegan.  I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to inconvenience anyone, so if someone is serving meat or something with dairy in it, then I’m just going to dig in and enjoy it.  But I feel if I can eat mostly vegan – 80% to 90% of the time – then I’m reaping the benefits.  However, when I eat at home when I have full control over what I put on my plate, then it’s vegan.  I must say I feel so much better and full of energy when I eat a plant based diet – and I don’t have a pimple on my face.  When I start getting acne, then I know I’ve been eating too much animal products.  I also find that when I adhere to mostly a vegan diet, I sleep better, rarely get sick, and recover very quickly between workouts.  This may be anecdotal evidence, but in my heart I feel it is true.

I haven’t really monitored my weight this training cycle, but plan to start doing so from here on out.  Would like to get to less than 143 lbs by the Carlsbad Marathon.  This morning I was at 146 lbs, so it should be easily achievable, especially with the big mileage weeks coming up.

Finished a good book this week titled “Eat & Run:  My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness” by Scott Jurek.  I’ll write a review of this book later this week, but a well written biography of one of America’s ultramarathon legends.  I’ve been considering doing an ultramarathon after Boston, but after reading this book, if I decide to do one, it will be a modest ultra like 50 km or 50 miles on relatively tame terrain, but certainly no 100 mile or 24-hour race.

I’ll also be posting a report card of my training progress each week.  To run well, it is more than just logging miles and running hard.  You need to take a more holistic approach to it, which includes plenty of rest/sleep, cross-training, running, eating well, and managing stress.  If any of these are out of balance, most-likely you’ll not be running to your potential.

Week 6 Report Card

Report Card Week 6

Overall, I give myself a B+ this week.  I pretty much executed to plan on my training runs, got at least 8 hours a sleep every night, and ate a 90% vegan diet.  For cross-training I did a couple 30 minutes sessions of yoga/core workouts and some walking/hiking, but that was pretty much the extent of it.  I tend to control my stress levels for the most part, but unfortunately, work sometimes get the stress levels elevated.

I ran a total of 50 miles.  Below is a summary of each run.

Monday – EZ 6 miles.

Tuesday – Speed work, 3 x 1,600s, with 600m recovery jog between intervals.

Wednesday – Off, 30 minutes of yoga stretching.

Thursday – Tempo Run, 8 miles (7:03 ~ 7:49/mile pace).  Ran tempo on hilly terrain, thus wide range in in pace.

Friday – EZ 6 miles.

Saturday – EZ 11 miles (8:22 average pace).

Sunday – EZ 10 miles (8:10 average pace)


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3 Responses to Week 6 of 14 Training Update for the Carlsbad Marathon

  1. Runventure says:

    Great post! I’ve been eating a plant based diet for about a year and found Eat & Run definitely reinforced that decision. Like you, I also hate inconveniencing anyone so it’s easier to occasionally have a bite or two of something (Thanksgiving?) than cause a scene. Good luck with your training.

    • Thanks for the comment. Eat & Run was a good read, and just like you, reinforced my belief that not everyone needs to eat meat to run well. I tend not to be too extreme in anything and try to find that balance of gaining most of the benefits of healthy living, but build in some guilty pleasures every once in a while.

      • Runventure says:

        Absolutely, I am with you. There’s no reason to take something to extremes over ideals at the cost of everything else.Looks like you have a great, balanced marathon training program, too. I’m sure that will serve you well!

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