Week 7 of 14 Training Update for the Carlsbad Marathon

Jogging Trail Otay Ranch

Fortunately I have access to many miles of dirt running trails that look like this, which helps immensely to reduce the stress to the joints.

I’m halfway through the training cycle and quite frankly I’m feeling great.  This morning I ran 17 miles on a fairly hilly course and it felt almost too easy.  I intended to run a 8 minute mile pace but couldn’t hold back any longer and picked up the pace to about 7:15 miles the second half of the run.  And knock on wood, I have no pains to speak of.  I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing right, but it is probably a combination of eating well, sleeping at least 8 hours a night (with a 20 minute afternoon nap), keeping the stress levels low, and running on softer surfaces.  Fortunately, I live close to a lot of jogging dirt trails which I’ve been running on and it is noticeably less impactful on the joints.

As far as the “cumulative fatigue” touted by Hansons Marathon Method, I’m not really feeling it anymore.  The first few weeks were a little rough, but the body seems to have adapted to running 6 days a week.  Although the mileage is significantly higher under Hansons method than the FIRST method, I find the Hansons method not only easier, but more enjoyable.

Didn’t get in any mountain biking again this week, but stretched about 10 minutes each night and got in a couple 15-minute core strength training sessions.  Not great, need to improve in this area, but I guess it is better than nothing.

Fairly disciplined with the vegan diet, with a few exceptions.  Last night I went to my friend’s birthday party and it was mostly meat and fried foods.  So I dug in, a bit guilty, but as I mentioned in a previous post, I’m not the type of person who will push my ideals on others and don’t like to inconvenience anyone.  The key is to not stress about it and get back to eating my plant the following day.  Also, the wife and I had a cup of frozen yogurt after dinner one night, just one of those cravings I gave into.  But again, I feel if I can eat mostly vegan – 80% to 90% of the time – then I’m reaping the benefits.

I forgot to check my weight this morning, but I think I lost some weight.  I did do a mid-week check and I was around 144 lbs.  So I’m well within my goal of being between 140 – 143 lbs by the Carlsbad Marathon.

Below is my training report card for the week.

Week 7 Report Card

grade-wk7-carlsbadOverall, I give myself a B this week.  I pretty much nailed every training run this week, got at least 8 hours a sleep every night, and ate a 85% vegan diet.  It was a little light on the cross-training, just a couple core workouts and some stretching/yoga.  No major stressful events this week.

I ran a total of 62 miles.  This week I was suppose to run a 10K race, but decided to scrap those plans.  Below is a summary of each run.

Monday – EZ 8 miles.

Tuesday – Strength work, 6 x 1 mile with 400m recovery jog between intervals.

Wednesday – Off, 30 minutes of yoga/stretching and 15 minutes of core work.

Thursday – Tempo Run, 8 miles (6:58 ~ 7:15/mile pace).

Friday – EZ 8 miles.

Saturday – EZ 9 miles.

Sunday – Long Run 17 miles (7:42 average pace).


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