Week 10 of 14 Training Update for the Carlsbad Marathon

It was an okay week of training, although was feeling some fatigue toward the end of the week.  Experiencing a little pain in my left ankle, tightness in the right knee and bottom of right foot.  Nothing I’m overly concerned about since the pain is subtle, but will need to monitor it closely.  It was my 7th week this training cycle with 50+ miles, so I’m not surprised that some noticeable pains are beginning to creep in.

Below is my training report card for the week.

Report Card

carlsbad-training-grade-wk10Overall, I give myself a B this week.  I did every planned training run and ate an 80% vegan diet.  Although I did get around 7 – 9 hours sleep each night, the quality of the sleep wasn’t great.  This was probably due to being on vacation and not going to bed and getting up around the same time each night.  I did get in three 15-minute core workouts with a moderate amount of stretching/yoga.  No major stressful events this week and other than the minor aches I mentioned earlier, my body condition is seems fine.  Little heavier than I want to be at 146 lbs, but still have some time to trim a couple pounds before the marathon.

Running Recap

I ran a total of 58 miles.

Monday – EZ 7 miles @ 8:33 pace

Tuesday – Strength work, 2 x 5K (1st 5K in 20:50, 2nd 5K in 20:23) with 1 mile recovery jog between each 5K

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Hilly Tempo Run, 10 miles (6:56 ~ 7:21 pace)

Friday – EZ 8 miles @ 9:17 pace

Saturday – EZ 10 miles @ 8:54 pace

Sunday – EZ 11 miles @ 8:30 pace

Training Plan


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