Week 11 of 14 Training Update for the Carlsbad Marathon

Only three weeks to go until the 2013 Carlsbad Marathon.  Had an acceptable week of training and completed my last long run of 18 miles this morning.  I still have reservations on the Hansons Marathon Method of limiting the long run to 16 miles, so I did a couple extra miles since 18 miles seems a little more reasonable as to what a long run should be.  Even 18 miles makes me nervous, but we’ll see what happens on race day.  The various minor pains I was feeling last week have disappeared or subsided, although I did get a big blister on the side of my foot — guess it may be time to buy new shoes again.

Below is my training report card for the week.

Report Card

carlsbad-training-grade-wk11Overall, I give myself a B this week.  I did every planned training run.  I was a little loose with the diet this week, probably only 70% vegan.  Got in 8 – 9 hours sleep each night and the quality of the sleep was good.  Only did two 15-minute core workouts with a moderate amount of stretching/yoga.  Work was pretty busy this week and I had a friend visit from Japan, so the stress level was a little higher than usual.  My body condition is better than last week and the reduced weekly mileage for the next three weeks should help.  Didn’t weigh myself this week, but it is probably in the mid-140s.

Running Recap

I ran a total of 66 miles this week and may be the most miles I have ever run in a single week.  Also, for the month of December I ran 263 miles, which may also be a record for me.

Monday – EZ 8 miles @ 9:28 pace

Tuesday – Strength work, 3 x 2 miles (14:01, 13:54, and 13:17) with 800m recovery jog

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Tempo Run, 10 miles (6:33 ~ 7:10 pace)

Friday – EZ 8 miles @ 8:35 pace

Saturday – EZ 9 miles @ 8:28 pace

Sunday – Long Run, 18 miles @ 7:45 pace

Training Plan


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