Week 12 of 14 Training Update for the Carlsbad Marathon

Brooks Glycerin 10

Brooks Glycerin 10

Down to the final two weeks before the Carlsbad Marathon.  Honestly, I haven’t been excited going into this marathon, just kind of going through the motions.  It’s probably due to the fact that I don’t have big goals going into this marathon and this is basically a warm-up marathon for Boston in April.  Still would like to do well and it will be interesting to see how the Hansons Marathon Method works out, but I’ve been a little more undisciplined regarding my diet, stretching, core training, and cross-training than I wanted to be – although I’ve been pretty solid putting in the miles at the required paces.  I’m hoping after this marathon, I’ll get a jolt of motivation to train at my best for Boston.

Brooks Glycerin 10 Sole

Brooks Glycerin 10 Sole

I ended up buying a new pair of shoes this weekend at Road Runner Sports.  I’ve been running in Newton Distances since mid-November and probably ran an extra 100 miles past their life.  I’m was a little disappointed this time with the Newtons because I only got about 400 miles out of them – about 2 months of running – and they actually should have been replaced at 300 miles a few weeks ago.  I should have realized this when I started to get some minor aches and pains a couple weeks ago as well as developing blisters on the side of my right forefoot that the shoes needed to be replaced.  I normally get a good 3 to 4 months out of a pair of shoes, but since I’m doing a lot more miles this training cycle, its only logical they wouldn’t last as long.

Footbalance Custom Made Insoles @ Road Runner Sports

Footbalance Custom Made Insoles @ Road Runner Sports

So I’m taking the risk of changing out my shoes two weeks prior to running a marathon.  I bought a pair of Brooks Glycerin 10 because they are high mileage shoes and I also had custom insoles made as well.  It was the first time I actually got assessed on a treadmill and fitted for a pair of shoes, which was an interesting experience.   I learned I had a high arch, flexible foot, and somewhat uneven landing (landed more on my left side).  They recommended I wear a neutral shoe.  They also fitted me with custom made insoles, which I’m not sure is a gimmick or not, but it made the running shoes very comfortable.  However, the insoles weren’t cheap, over $70.  I ran 11 miles this morning in my first pair of Brooks and they felt pretty good.  I was a little worried because I’ve been running in minimalist shoes for a couple years and these shoes are more traditional and heavier.  I’ve also developed into more of a mid to fore-foot striker, but these shoes seemed to accommodate my style of running.

This will be the last week of any hard training, then I go into my 10-day taper starting Friday.  The Hansons’ Marathon Method has a much shorter taper than most plans, which I think will work well for me, and there is still a little bit of running every day leading up to the marathon.  I’ve always had mixed feelings when I would start to taper three weeks out, just seemed a bit excessive for me.

Below is my training report card for the week.

Report Card

carlsbad-grade-wk12Overall, I give myself a B this week.  Did every planned training run and got some good rest, but was a little lax on everything else, especially the cross training.  Still nursing some blisters due to my frugality and stupidity of not wanting to buy new shoes, but otherwise feeling okay for the most part and no significant pains.

Running Recap

I ran a total of 57 miles this week.

Monday – EZ 6 miles @ 9:00 pace

Tuesday – Strength work, 3 x 2 miles (13:56, 13:42, and 13:18) with 800m recovery jog

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Tempo Run, 10 miles (6:59 ~ 7:15 pace)

Friday – EZ 7 miles @ 8:56 pace

Saturday – EZ 10 miles @ 8:08 pace

Sunday – EZ 11 miles @ 7:37 pace

Training Plan


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