Boston Marathon Training Plan

I am still recovering from last week’s marathon and will probably give it another week before I do any hard running.  I didn’t run the first three days after the marathon, but started to do some light running on Thursday.  For the most part I’m feeling pretty good, although my quadriceps have some residual pain that is probably a result of all the downhill pounding during the marathon.

I have outlined my training plan for Boston below.  I have about 10 weeks left to prepare.  I’ve decided I’m not going to go into Boston with a time goal and plan to run it by feel.  I ran the Carlsbad Marathon fixated on my Garmin watch trying to maintain a certain pace rather than naturally falling into a comfortable and sustainable pace.  As a result, I burned out too early in the race.  Although I’ll be training to be in shape to run a marathon between 3:10 to 3:20 I don’t want the added stress of meeting a specific time.

The plan still utilizes the Hansons Marathon Method, although I’ve tweaked it by increasing mileage a couple miles here and there on my easy run days.  The speed work and tempo days remain unchanged from my last training cycle.  But I’m breaking the rules HMM laid out by increasing my long runs to 18 – 20 miles instead of the recommended 16 miles.  For me anyways, I just don’t think 16 miles is sufficient for a long run.  Also, psychologically I want to go into a marathon with at least a couple quality 20 mile long runs under my belt.

In addition to the running, I will include some core training and stretching/yoga.  Also, will try and maintain discipline with my diet (80~90% vegan), sleep (8-9 hours a night), and keeping stress levels low.

Boston Marathon Training Plan

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2 Responses to Boston Marathon Training Plan

  1. supernorts says:

    Hi, its a good training plan however personally i would make a couple of revisions, running long saturday and sunday i wouldnt do that as it would leave you slightly tired for sunday and a long run is hard enough. i would make saturday a day off. plus have you ever tried running twice a day say 5 miles before work and 5 miles after both at an easy pace but that way you get 10 miles in for the day. I would personally do this,
    Monday Easy 8
    Tuesday 4 easy Morning – 8 with efforts night
    Wednesday 13 night
    Thursday 5 Morning – 5 Night
    Friday 10 Efforts
    Saturday Rest
    Sunday 18 to 20 miles each week.

    plus lots of core as you said, that is very underrated, a strong core keeps your stride length long and makes your legs work a lot less.

    • supernorts, really appreciate the insightful feedback. Moving my rest day to Saturday before the long run would probably be a good idea — agree the runs on Saturday seem to sub-optimize the pace for the Sunday long run. I have never done two runs a day, but have been considering it. I’ve been using the Hansons Method, but didn’t find it very effective for me, so probably need to consider doing something different. I’m going to reflect on your comments and make some adjustments.

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