Boston Marathon Training Update (Week 3 of 11)

As I mentioned a few days ago, I’m nursing an Achilles tendon injury and haven’t run since Wednesday.  I’ve been doing a little cross-training in the meantime.  I was hoping to do more intense cross-training on a bike trainer, but the bike trainer I ordered got lost in delivery and never showed up as promised and I’m still waiting for it.  Hopefully, it arrives tomorrow so I can start getting in some good aerobic workouts.  I was able to get a short mountain bike ride in yesterday, which is a decent workout, although it is just not the same as a good run.

The good news is that my Achilles tendon feels pretty good right now, not even a tingle of pain.  I may go for a short 3 to 5 mile run tomorrow morning just to see how it feels.  Regardless of how I feel, I’ll most likely reduce the volume of miles over the next couple of weeks.  So right now, I’m cautiously optimistic that this is only going to be a minor setback.

Report Card

Boston-Marathon-Wk3This week I ran 25 miles.  Started the week off well and got a decent interval run in on Tuesday.  However, on Wednesday morning, I cut the run short due to injury.   I slept well every night with 20 – 30 minute and nap in the afternoons.  I also ate very healthy thanks to the NutriBullet blender I purchased earlier this week, tons of fruits and vegetables.  Also, got in a good amount of core training and stretching and it was a relatively stress free week.

Running Recap (25 miles)

Monday – EZ8 @ 9:22 pace

Tuesday (morning) – Intervals (12 x 400s – averaged 1:28/400)

Tuesday (afternoon) – EZ5 @ 8:37 pace

Wednesday – EZ3 @ 9:43 pace (INJURED)

Thursday – Off

Friday – Off

Saturday – Mountain Biking

Sunday – Off

Training Plan


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