Boston Marathon Training Update (Week 7 of 11)


San Diego, CA Sunset – I feel very fortunate to be able to run in such a beautiful area, there’s hardly ever a bad weather day for running or biking.

It was another good week of training.  Although I’m not at the same level I was last year, I had an encouraging long run this morning that seems to suggest I’m on the path to improvement.  Most likely I’m going to go into Boston under-trained, but I’ll be happy if I can get to the starting line healthy.

Newton Gravity 2013 Model

2013 Newton Gravity Model

The good news is I think I’ve identified the primary culprit of my Achilles tendon injury.  In mid-January I switched to Brooks Glycerin 10 shoes after running in Newtons for a few years.  The Brooks were usually fine until about 5 miles into a run, then I would begin feeling some pain in my Achilles.  In addition to my Achilles, I was sometimes experiencing mild pains in my knees and other joints, although nothing serious enough to keep me from running.  I also had a significant hot spot on the balls of my feet after about 10 miles running in the Brooks and it felt like my feet were in a war zone after 15 miles into a long run.  I initially thought my injury may have been due to over-training, but I’m thinking that wasn’t the primary cause.  So this week, after really trying to give the Brooks a chance, I decided to throw in the towel and go back to the Newton Gravity.  The Brooks still have some life left in them, but with Boston a month away, if I’m going to change shoes, I need to do it now.  Moral of the story — PICK YOUR SHOES WISELY!

This morning I ran my long run in my new pair of Newton Gravity shoes and it was a vast improvement over the Brooks.  Not only were the Newton’s noticeably lighter, the Achilles injury pain I’ve been enduring the past five weeks was almost non-existent.  Not having to deal with the pain really added some pep to my workout and I was able to run my long run at a much faster average pace than I was planning to run — planned to run around 7:35/mile, ended up running 7:24/mile with a couple 6:50 miles toward the end of the run.  I’m crossing my fingers that this will be the cure to my Achilles problems, but I will still stick with my reduced mileage training plan until Boston.

Report Card

boston-grade-wk7This week I ran 34 miles and cycled on the bike trainer for 3.25 hours.  My interval run (3 x 1 mile) on Tuesday was ugly, tempo on Thursday was okay, and 16-mile long run on Sunday went very well.  I slept between 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, but the quality of the sleep was not great.  Ate plenty of fruits and vegetables and meals were mostly vegan.  Got all my planned time on the bike trainer, did three core training sessions, and incorporated some yoga/stretching.  Stress was relatively low this week.  The Achilles continues to improve and felt pretty good during this week’s long-run.  Overall, a good week, but I would like to improve on my interval speed.

Running Recap (34 miles)

Monday – 45 minutes Bike Trainer

Tuesday – Intervals (3 x 1 mile, 7:14, 6:50, and 6:31)

Wednesday – 45 minutes Bike Trainer

Thursday – Tempo (1 mile warm-up, 10 miles tempo (7:12 ~ 7:22/mile pace), 0.5 mile cooldown)

Friday – 45 minutes Bike Trainer

Saturday – 1 hour Bike Trainer

Sunday – Long Run, 16 miles @ 7:24/mile pace

Training Plan


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