San Diego RnR Marathon Training Update (Week 5 of 6)

One week to go before the marathon.  This has been been my most nonchalant training cycle going into a marathon.  I’m looking forward to running the marathon, but honestly, I’ll also be happy to get it behind me so I can focus on other running goals.  In particular, I would like to break my half marathon PR of 1:25:12 later this year.  I’ve never  specifically trained for a half marathon, so I’m hoping a new focus at a different distance will get the motivation juices flowing again.  The 5K and 10K are a bit too intense for me, so usually shy away from those distances.   But if there is one distance that I would have to pick that I tend to pleasantly surprise myself, it would be the half marathon.

Getting back to the marathon, my pacing strategy is to keep it in the 7:45 – 8:00 per mile range – or slower if I’m not really feeling it.  Since my longest run this training cycle was only 17 miles, I think this pace range will get me to the finish line without too much collateral damage.  The weather is projected to be warm, but should be the 60s for the first couple hours before the heat starts to take hold.

As I mentioned last week, I started to alternate two different running shoes.  I run in my Nike Frees for my speed work on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Newton Gravity for my long run on Sunday.  Took a little time to adapt, but seems like my legs are beginning to respond pretty well to the change.  Last week I had some lower leg pain that this continuing to gradually disappear.

This is the last week of the taper, so only short runs on Tuesday and Thursday and 20~30 minutes of stretching/yoga on the remaining days.  Don’t plan to do any strength or cross-training.

Report Card

sdrnr-grade-wk5I ran 27 miles and cycled on the bike trainer for 3.25 hours.  I ran three times —  intervals on Tuesday, tempo on Friday, and long run on Sunday.  Again, missed my target pace on the intervals, but had a solid tempo run and long run.  Ate okay and maintained my weight.  Slept well all week, usually a solid 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.  Missed one bike trainer session this week, but got in the three core training sessions and a little upper body strength training.  Stretched 10 minutes most days.  Stress was moderate, very busy week at work.  No major injuries – pain lingers in my left heal (plantar fasciitis), but otherwise feeling okay.  Overall, I’d give myself B this week.

Running Recap (32 miles)

Monday – 15 minutes core, 45 minutes Bike Trainer

Tuesday – Intervals (5 x 1000m w/400m rest jog between intervals – 3:54, 3:55, 3:43, 3:43 and 3:53)

Wednesday – 15 minutes core, 45 minutes Bike Trainer

Thursday – Off

Friday – Tempo (3 miles warm-up, 3 miles @ tempo pace 6:14 ~ 6:50/mile, 2 miles cooldown)

Saturday – 15 minutes core, 5 minutes strength, 60 minutes Bike Trainer

Sunday – Long Run, 11 miles (7:28/mile pace)

Training Plan


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