America’s Finest City Half Marathon Training Plan

logo1aWith the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon one week behind me, I’m ready to renew my focus on my next race in 10 weeks – America’s Finest City (AFC) Half Marathon.  I’ve never specifically trained for a half marathon, but I’m assuming it is similar to a full marathon, just with lower volume.

I took this past week off from running.  I was planning to take two full weeks off from running, but after coming out of the marathon last week relatively unscathed, I decided I would start running again this week, just without any speed work.

I’m very motivated for this half marathon and plan to incorporate a couple new things into this training cycle.  I plan to do more strength training with free weights three times a week and incorporate 20 minute yoga routines three or four times a week.  I’ve had a few minor nagging injuries the past few months, and for the most part, seem to be over them.  I’m hoping the additional strength training and yoga not only helps my running mechanics, but also further insures me against injury.  I’ll continue to cross-train on the bike trainer and do some moderate core exercises with the kettlebell on the days I do not run.

I experimented a bit with a lower carbohydrate, higher fat diet this last training cycle and it really didn’t seem to agree with me and my digestive system.  So I’ll be going back to a more balanced diet with higher carbohydrates and moderate amount of fat.  Although I’m not totally vegan, I tend to skew in that direction for most of my meals.

Below is my training plan for the next 10 weeks.  Only easy runs this week before I get back to doing intervals and tempos.  The general plan is to run three times a week, with intervals on Tuesday, tempo on Thursday and a longer run on Sundays.  I will cross-train on the bike trainer the other days.  These core aerobic exercises will be supplemented with core, strength, and stretching exercises.

You’ll notice on my running days that I didn’t include a goal pace.  I did this on purpose because I want to naturally run by feel and not be limited to some arbitrary number.  In the past, I think I’ve been a slave to my watch and end up bypassing my body’s feedback mechanisms – thus, sub-optimizing the training effect.  Also, the watch may be subconsciously putting limitations on my pace.  Relying on the body’s feedback signals is probably a much more sophisticated way of knowing when to push and when to hold back.

I also don’t have a goal time for the half marathon.  In general, I’d like to run a sub-1:30, but how far below 1:30 will depend upon a number of factors.  I figured as I get closer to the race, I can begin to zero in on a pace strategy.  I think it is important to eventually come up with a goal, but feel setting it this far out from a race would establish limitations or unrealistic expectations.


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