America’s Finest City Half Marathon Training Update (Week 1 of 10)

The primary purpose for this week’s training was to ease back into a running routine.  The legs are still a little flat from running the marathon a couple weeks ago.  I was hoping to dive into some speed work this upcoming week, but it may be a good idea to keep the pace easy for another week.  I’ll wait and see how I feel on Tuesday before I decide.

I’ve begun doing some strength training with free weights along with my core training three times a week.  It has only been about two weeks, but I’m begin to notice a positive difference in my running mechanics and posture.  I’ve done strength training to supplement my running in the past and it has always been helpful.  The problem has been finding the time and motivation to do it on a consistent basis.

In addition, I’ve been more consistent lately in doing 20 minutes of yoga three to four times a week.  As I get older, getting enough stretching in becomes more and more important.  Every year that passes, it seems I hear more snapping and cracking in my joints, and I believe yoga is a great way to slow the aging effects on the body to keep it supple.

Report Card

afc-grade-wk1Running:  (B) I got all my planned runs in this week and ran a total of 30 miles.  Felt flat on most runs.

Sleep:  (B) 7 – 9 hours of sleep most nights.  20 – 30 minute afternoon naps on a few days.

Diet/Hydration:  (B) Well balanced, not a lot of junk food this week.  Plenty of fruits and vegetables.  However, eating a little too much for dinner.  I normally eat well most of the day, but dinner is where I tend to add the unnecessary calories.  Kept relatively hydrated during the week.

Weight/Body Fat:  (B) Current weight is 148 lbs.  Body fat is around 11 – 12%.  With the strength training, I may not lower my weight, so I plan to monitor my body fat as well this training cycle.

Cross-Training/Stretching:  (A) Lots of quality cross-training this week.  3.25 hours on the bike trainer; three 15-minute core sessions; three 20 – 30 minute strength training sessions; and four 20-minute yoga sessions.

Stress Management:  (C) Busy week at work with lots of deadlines.

Body Condition/Injuries:  (C) Body still not fully recovered from the marathon, runs this week felt flat.  Have a minor head cold that is making it way through my sinuses.  Also, experiencing pain on the inside of my left knee.  Started during my Thursday run and still felt it on Sunday’s long run.  Hasn’t been disabling and I think I’ll be able to run through it, but will need to keep a close eye on it.  The plantar fasciitis still lingers in my left heal, but seems to be getting a little better each week.

Overall:  (B) Generally, it was a productive week, so I’ll give myself a B.

Training Recap

Running:  30 miles

Total Exercise Time:  10 hours, 34 minutes

Monday – 15 minutes core, 45 minutes bike trainer, 20 minutes yoga

Tuesday – EZ8 (average pace 7:49/mile), 20 minutes strength

Wednesday – 15 minutes core, 45 minutes bike trainer, 20 minutes yoga

Thursday – EZ8 (8:19/mile pace), 20 minutes strength

Friday – 15 minutes core, 45 minutes bike trainer, 20 minutes yoga

Saturday – 30 minutes strength, 60 minutes bike trainer

Sunday – Long Run, 14 miles (8:01/mile pace), 20 minutes yoga


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One Response to America’s Finest City Half Marathon Training Update (Week 1 of 10)

  1. Matt Dionis says:

    Awesome log of workout activities. What a great way to stay focused!

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