AFC Half Marathon Training Update (Week 3 of 10)

The good news was I was able to get some running in this week, but I’m still not fully recovered from MCL sprain on the inside of my left knee.  It is an odd injury because I seem to be able to run on it okay at a moderate pace without aggravating it, but when I try to go a little faster, I begin to feel tension build up in the area.  So I didn’t do any speed work this week worried that it would set me back.  I may attempt to do a little fartlek and a few tempo miles this upcoming week, but don’t think I’ll be able to get back on track with my planned training runs for at least another week or two.  It has been a bit frustrating because aerobically I’m ready to get some quality speed work in, but this injury continues to hold me back.  However, just need to remind myself to be patient and not do anything stupid because this injury will eventually pass.

Report Card

afc-grade-wk3Running:  (C) Was able to run 21 miles this week at a moderate pace.

Sleep:  (C) 7 – 8 hours of sleep most nights.  Only a couple afternoon naps this week.

Diet/Hydration:  (B) Ate a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.  But still need to work on the hydration.

Weight/Body Fat:  (B) Lost about 0.3 pounds and 0.1% body fat from last week.  Current weight is 146.7 lbs and body fat of 9.2%.

Cross-Training/Stretching:  (A) Lots of quality cross-training this week.  3.25 hours on the bike trainer; three 15-minute core sessions; three 20 – 30 minute strength training sessions; and four 20-minute yoga sessions.

Stress Management:  (D) Pretty stressful week at work, lots of deadlines.

Body Condition/Injuries:  (C) Injury in the MCL of my left knee getting better – probably about 70% healed.  Mild plantar fasciitis in the left heal and beginning to feel a mild case developing in my right heal.

Overall:  (C) A productive week, but far from ideal.

Training Recap

Running:  21 miles

Total Exercise Time:  9 hours, 31 minutes

Monday – 15 minutes core, 45 minutes bike trainer, 20 minutes yoga

Tuesday – EZ5 mile run (average pace 9:09/mile), 20 minutes strength

Wednesday – 15 minutes core, 45 minutes bike trainer, 20 minutes yoga

Thursday – EZ5 mile run (average pace 8:49/mile), 20 minutes strength

Friday – 15 minutes core, 45 minutes bike trainer, 20 minutes yoga

Saturday – 30 minutes strength, 1 hour bike trainer

Sunday – EZ11 mile run (average pace 8:10/mile), 20 minutes yoga


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