AFC Half Marathon Training Update (Week 7 of 10)

Down to 3 weeks before the America’s Finest City Half Marathon.  The training effect is beginning to take root and every week I seem to be improving a bit.  With the higher humidity, resulting in a slower pace, it has been difficult to assess my fitness level.  But my confidence is building and should be able to run an okay half marathon come race day.

Report Card

afc-grade-wk7Running:  (B) Ran 32 miles this week.  Ran 8 x 800s intervals on Tuesday, 6-mile tempo on Thursday and a moderately paced 15 mile long run on Sunday.  Although I ran the mileage for every workout, my tempo run and long run were sub-par.

Sleep:  (A) 7 – 9 hours of sleep most nights and short afternoon nap on a few days.  Quality of the sleep was pretty good this week.

Diet/Hydration:  (A) Kept hydrated and ate balanced whole food meals.  For the most part, I continue to stay away from processed foods and refined sugars.

Weight/Body Fat:  (A) My weight fell 0.9 lbs from 145.9 lbs to 145.0 lbs and body fat fell 0.3% from 9.0% to 8.7%.  I’m about where I hoped to be before the half marathon, so just need to maintain my weight in this range for the next three weeks.

Cross-Training/Stretching:  (A) Lots of quality cross-training this week.  3.25 hours on the bike trainer; one round of golf; three 15-minute core sessions; three 20 – 25 minute strength training sessions; and four 20-minute yoga sessions.

Stress Management:  (A) Stress was relatively low this week.

Body Condition/Injuries:  (B) MCL injury in left knee about the same as last week.  It no longer bothers me, but it’s still not 100%.  Mild plantar fasciitis in the left and right heal – no change from last week.

Overall:  (A) Another solid week.

Training Recap

Running:  32 miles

Total Exercise Time:  10 hours, 34 minutes

Monday – 15 minutes core, 45 minutes bike trainer, 20 minutes yoga

Tuesday – Interval Run, 8 x 800s w/2 minute jog between intervals 3:10, 3:11, 3:13, 3:10, 3:13, 3:14, 3:04 and 3:03), 20 minutes strength

Wednesday – 15 minutes core, 45 minutes bike trainer, 20 minutes yoga

Thursday – Tempo Run 1 mile warm-up, 6 miles @ tempo pace (6:44, 7:23, 6:45, 6:53, 6:57, 7:09) 1.5 miles cool-down, 20 minutes strength

Friday – 15 minutes core, 45 minutes bike trainer, 20 minutes yoga

Saturday – 1 hour bike trainer, 1 round of golf, 25 minutes strength

Sunday – Long Run, 15 miles (average pace 8:13/mile), 20 minutes yoga


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