Idea 13: Listen to Running Podcasts

podcaststips_iconIf you don’t listen to any running podcasts, you are really missing out on some quality content.  There is lots of insightful information being shared by amateurs and experts alike on all aspects of running, nutrition, and fitness.  Most runner will be able to relate to much of the information they share and you’ll come across some very cutting edge and innovative thinking.  I’m also amazed by the quality of the guest interviews some of these podcasters are able to book.

I have about a half dozen running and fitness podcasts I’m currently listening to on a regular basis.  I usually find time listen to them while I’m on the bike trainer, strength training or going to sleep.  If you haven’t been a regular podcast listener, you may want to consider adding podcast listening as a resource to your running knowledge toolkit – and best of all, the podcasts themselves are free to download.

Here are my top five favorite podcasts for runners:

1.  RunRunLive

2.  Endurance Planet

3.  Runner Academy

4.  Dirt Dawg Running Diatribe

5.  The Rich Roll Podcast

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