Idea 14: Practice Running Mindfully

mindfulI often get lazy with my running and my form begins to deteriorate when I get too lost in my thoughts.  I think this is a natural occurrence for most runners, especially on those grueling long runs.  When I eventually snap out of it, I’ll have a period of mindful running where I’ll start focusing on my form, breathing, and leg turnover.

Running efficiently and pain free has a lot to do with your posture.  You’ll often hear advice to keep your head aligned with your spine, your shoulders relaxed, your torso over your hips, and gaze naturally at the horizon.  Try to avoid looking down directly at the ground or up at the next hill.  Although simple, I find this very effective advice.

I used to listen to music and podcasts on my iPod during my runs, but now I very rarely run with it anymore since I want to be more in tune with my running and surroundings.  I still get lost in my thoughts, but less so when running without the iPod.  I personally can’t be mindful of running during an entire run, but do try to dwell in the present moment as long as possible until I naturally drift into another state of consciousness.

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