Taking a Little Downtime

After completing last week’s half marathon, I’m planning to downshift for the next 6 weeks and reduce volume before I begin my next training cycle the first week of October.  This will allow the mind to refresh and body to fully recover from the 10 week half marathon training cycle I just completed.

In October I’ll begin a 16 week training cycle to prepare for the Carlsbad Marathon on January 19th.  Around the middle of this training cycle I have a half marathon planned on November 17th, which should be a good opportunity to assess my fitness and keep me motivated.

My quadriceps were pretty sore for a few days after completing the half marathon last Sunday.  I attribute it to the early downhills of the race.  But I’m feeling pretty good now, but plan to only do easy runs for another week to make sure I’m fully recovered before doing any speed work.  Although I plan to reduce volume in September, I still plan to do some intervals, tempo, and longer runs – the runs will just be shorter than when I’m training for a race.  The goal of the downtime is to relax and recuperate, but also ensure I don’t not lose too much fitness.

I haven’t put together my training plan the Carlsbad Marathon yet, but it will probably be similar to the plan I put together for the AFC Half Marathon, but with a little more volume.  The challenge will be not to overtrain and peak too soon, which I’ve been known to do.  I’ll need to think about how I want to balance my training over the next few weeks and hope to post my training plan in mid-September.

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