2014 Mountains to Beach Marathon Training Update (Week 3 of 16)

Week 3 was another solid week of training.  I’m feeling good and believe I’m making progress.  I just hope I don’t peak too early, that has been a problem with my past training cycles.  However, I’m keeping the mileage relatively low and don’t feel like I’m pushing the limits during my runs, so I think I’ll be okay.  I have a half marathon in a couple weeks, so that should give me a good assessment of where I’m at fitness-wise.

Yogi  Dec 19, 1996 - Feb 22, 2014

Dec 19, 1996 – Feb 22, 2014

On another note, our beloved basset hound who was over 18 years old was put to sleep yesterday.  We’ve had him since we first got married, so it was a very painful and sad day – he was such a character and gave us so many wonderful memories.  I tried to put it off as long as possible, but he noticeably began to get weaker about two weeks ago and could hardly walk to go outside.  After consulting with the vet, we decided it was time…probably one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make and I’m hoping I made the right decision – I don’t think it is ever easy.  I’m so grateful that God gave us 18 wonderful years with this crazy character and he’ll continue to live in our memories for the remainder of our life here on this earth.  Rest in peace, Yogi Boy…..

Report Card

m2b-grade-wk3Running:  (A) 33 miles of running this week.  Ran intervals (1200m, 1000m, 800m, 600m and 400m) on Tuesday, 5-mile tempo on Thursday and a 17-mile long run on Sunday.  All three runs were quality runs and within the planned pace.

Sleep:  (B+) About 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night with a short afternoon nap.  The quality of sleep wasn’t great due to the stress of knowing it was time to put my dog to sleep.

Diet/Hydration:  (A)  Maintained good hydration and ate a lot of whole plant based foods. Cut back on the sweets and avoided overeating at dinner, my two weak spots.

Weight/Body Fat:  (A) Weight decreased 1.8 lbs from 143.6 lbs for 141.8 lbs.  Body fat decreased 0.4% from 8.4% to 8.0%.

Cross-Training/Stretching:  (A) Incorporated a good amount of quality cross-training.  3 hours on the bike trainer; two 30-minute core/strength sessions; and over 2 hours of yoga spread throughout the week.

Stress Management:  (B) Work stress was manageable, but having to make the decision to put my dog to sleep weighed heavily on me.

Body Condition/Injuries:  (A-) Nothing of significance, although very mild pain in my left knee (MCL) during my long run this morning.  Also, seems like the plantar fasciitis was mildly present, but hardly noticeable – probably need to start rolling the bottom of my feet on a golf ball.

Overall:  (A-) Another solid week of training.  Nothing really to change, just keep doing what I’m doing.

Training Recap

Running:  33 miles

Core/Strength:  1 hour

Bike Trainer:  3 hours

Yoga:  2 hours and 15 minutes

Total Exercise Time:  10 hours, 24 minutes

Monday – 15 minutes yoga, 45 minutes bike trainer, 15 minutes yoga

Tuesday – Interval Run, 1200m (4:39), 1000m (3:49), 800m (2:57), 600m (2:13) and 400m (1:25) w/200m rest jog between intervals, 20 minutes yoga  (Previous Training Cycle:  4:54, 4:00, 3:06, 2:21 and 1:31)

Wednesday – 15 minutes core, 45 minutes bike trainer, 15 minutes strength, 7 minutes yoga

Thursday – Tempo Run 2 miles EZ, 5 miles @ tempo pace (6:34, 6:36, 6:29, 6:30 and 6:20), 1 mile EZ, 20 minutes yoga (Previous Training Cycle:  6:51, 6:53, 6:54, 6:54 and 6:39)

Friday – 15 minutes yoga, 45 minutes bike trainer, 15 minutes yoga

Saturday – 15 minutes core, 45 minutes bike trainer, 15 minutes strength, 7 minutes yoga

Sunday – Long Run, 17 miles (average pace 7:18/mile), 20 minutes yoga (Previous Training Cycle:  average pace 9:35/mile – not an apples to apples comparison, last training cycle was running up and down a mountain)

Training Plan


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