2014 AFC Half Marathon Training Plan

Ran 28 easy pace miles this week.  Legs are still not 100% recovered from the marathon, but good enough to start my half marathon training cycle next week.  I have 9 weeks to prepare for the AFC Half Marathon.  There is no specific goal in mind other than to put in a quality training cycle, stay in the moment and focus on each specific run and see where that takes me.

The training plan below is pretty straight forward, three running days (intervals on Tuesday, tempo on Thursday, and long run on Sunday) with cross-training (bike trainer, core/strength, and yoga) on my non-running days.  In addition, will make an effort to get 8 hours of sleep per night and eat primarily a plant-based diet.

Although I have a general outline of my running, I purposely did not put in any planned paces.  I find that running by feel on  a particular day seems to work better for me than trying to hit a certain planned pace for a training run.  Certain days I’ll feel great and be able to run hard while I know other days will be a grind, but just going with how the body feels takes away some of the stress of having to hit some arbitrary pace for the day.


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