AFC Half Marathon Training Update (Weeks 3 to 5)

I’ve been averaging about 30 miles a week (Tuesday – Intervals, Thursday – Tempo, and Sunday – Long Run) for the past three weeks .  I’ve been following my training plan pretty closely, but honestly haven’t been putting forth my best effort.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate my intensity at a 7.  I’m giving myself a pass this training cycle since I’m pretty burnt out from all the racing the first half of the year and quite frankly the motivation to keep at peak fitness level just isn’t there.  Also, I have a nagging pain on the ball of my left foot that started after my last marathon that is healing very slowly – I can still run, but it is probably prolonging the healing process.  Personally, and it is probably applicable to most people, keeping in peak running form all year around is close to impossible.  I think it is more practical to always maintain a good sustainable level of fitness, but only scale up to peak performance once our twice a year for a particular race.

I continue to cross-train (bike trainer, stretching, strength training and walking) and have kept a somewhat disciplined diet – mostly plant based whole foods, but not 100%.  I’ve maintained my weight within a consistent and healthy range of 141 to 142 lbs and body fat between 7.9 to 8.0%.  I’ve been sleeping okay, 7 to 8 hours a night, although I could probably use a little more.  The stress level in my life has been moderate, work has been extremely busy and full of tight deadlines.

So with the AFC Half Marathon four weeks away, I’m not sure how it will go on race day. I’m in relatively good shape physically and been going through the motions of my training plan, but I know I’m not at my best.


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