2014 Silver Strand Half Marathon Training Update (Week 3 of 11)

Not a great week of training. Been extremely busy and stressed at work, which seems to bleed into every other facet of my overall well being. I notice when I’m stressed, my motivation and focus to train hard is not there. I also tend to eat more unhealthy foods, don’t hydrate enough, and have a more difficult time sleeping. Definitely not a good place to be, but sometimes that’s what life throws at you and you have to adapt, slow down and make some adjustments.

I completed all my planned runs for a total of 26 miles, but had to cut my long run short, just wasn’t feeling it. Weight went up 1.5 lbs, which again I attribute to the stressful week. Morning pulse and blood pressure continue to be relatively consistent from week to week, so don’t see any issues there.

I’ve had another chiropractor adjustment today and really liking it. Not sure how it is helping my running, but my back and neck feel great after I have it done. However, still experiencing some foot pain, which seems to be getting progressively worse. Probably time to look for some new shoes.

Overall, a disappointing week of training.

Weekly Assessment


Training Plan


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