2014 Silver Strand Half Marathon Training Update (Week 9 of 11)

I tried running again today, but the MCL in my left knee began hurting 3 miles into the run and I decided to stop.  I thought with a week of rest, it would get better, but I still seem to be at the same place I was a week ago.  The only thing I’ve done recently prior to the knee pain was change shoes from Nike Frees to Hoka Clifton (with Superfeet inserts), so I think that may be the issue.  So I’m going to try and run again on Tuesday with my old Nike Frees to see if there is any difference.

Otherwise, my health and supplemental training is going well. It is frustrating not being able to run, but I’ve been substituting indoor cycling for the time being.  It is not nearly as good as running, but it is better than doing nothing.

Been sleeping a lot better lately.  Not sure if it is the cooler weather or not training as hard. I’ve also been tinkering with my diet, trying to stay away from any processed food and grains, and eating lots of fruits, vegetables and a moderate amount of organic meat.  Also, been drinking a lot of spring water lately.  I’m still not sure what the ideal amount of water to drink daily, but I figure when I’m going to the bathroom every 20 minutes, I’ve probably had enough and need to ratchet back the water intake.

My morning weight, pulse, and blood pressure seem to be within a healthy range despite the lack of running.

I’m still hopeful I’ll be able to at least run moderately for the upcoming half marathon, but if the knee problem persists, then I may have to skip this race to avoid any longer term issues.

Weekly Assessment


Training Plan


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