Race Report: 2014 Silver Strand Half Marathon

IMG_20141122_185709336Time:  1:52:48

Overall:  351 / 1,647

Division (M 40-44):  37 / 89

Gender (M):  244 / 765

My sole goal going into this half marathon was just to finish and avoid any setbacks from a lingering knee injury.  I figured if I got under 2 hours, that would be a bonus.  Fortunately, my knee held up relatively well and I finished within 2 hours.  I kept a relatively moderate pace of about 8:30 per mile throughout the entire race until the last mile where I picked it up some after knowing my knee was not going to be an issue.  The course was very flat and probably helped to avoid aggravating the knee.  So I am happy with he results and it was a good training run – although a pretty expensive one 🙂

The race was well organized and the weather was a little warm, but sunny.  There was another half marathon across town, so the number of participants this year was about half the size of last year, which was fine by me, I like smaller races.  As I mentioned early, the course is very flat and point to point, starting in Coronado and ending at Imperial Beach. Not the most scenic race, but it’s considered a fast course.

My next half marathon is in about 6 weeks.  Hopefully, my knee will be fully recovered by then so I can put forth a hard effort.  I don’t really have a training plan at this point and not sure I will put one together since it is only a few weeks away.  But my knee seems to be getting better each week, which has been encouraging.

Below is my report card and training plan leading up to his race.  Although the training started out well, it fell apart after only a few weeks.  Sometimes that happens, but I’ll just keep pressing along and focus toward putting together a good training cycle for my next A-race.  In the near term, I’ll continue to try and stay healthy on all facets of my life and eventually the running will improve in time.

Report Card



Training Plan



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