Plan for Next Half Marathon

My next race is the San Diego Holiday Half Marathon on December 28th.  It is only 5 weeks away, so I’ve decided not to put a formal training plan together.  Instead, I will run 3 to 4 times a week along with some strength and cross-training on my non-running days.  In general, here is my basic daily guideline I’ll be following:




The majority of my runs will mainly keep within an aerobic heart rate zone of 132 – 142 beats per minute.  In addition, once a week I’ll do some short intervals, maybe 6 x 30 seconds to 1 minutes of either sprinting or hill repeats (running or on the bike), but not too much, just enough to stress the muscles a bit.  On my non-running days, I will usually get on my indoor bike trainer and keep the effort easy to moderate, just enough to get a good sweat, but ensure a good recovery between running days.  The strength training is twice a week and mostly body weight exercises – pull-ups, push-ups, squats, overhead push-ups and planks. When I have time, I also may incorporate a few dumbbell exercises. And I also incorporate active stretching routines daily just to stay somewhat limber – but nothing to extreme.

If I’m able to mostly adhere to this training schedule, it should put me in a position to run a decent half marathon.  My knee injury from a few weeks ago seems to be about 85% healed, so I should be able to get a good amount of quality running in before this race.

Also, I’ll continue to monitor and provide a weekly report on other aspects of my health – blood pressure, weight, body fat, sleep, stress, hydration, body condition, diet, and daily activity – for a more holistic approach to my training.

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  1. Lisa Preuett says:

    Hey there! I’m just on a search for other bloggers who are into running. I just started running 5 years ago, yet it has opened my world up so much! Not only am I in better physical shape, but it has deepened my faith journey with God. I hope you are doing well. Check out my most current devotional for runners:

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